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Tami or Eijiko
10 September 2008 @ 10:19 pm

I have made another account~
> omnom-neko.livejournal.com  <---ADD ME!!

♥ o(^x^)o
Tami or Eijiko
29 August 2008 @ 08:46 pm
Oh my god....I haven't been on LJ in like.....FOREVER! xD Since I STILL don't get emails from LJ, I don't have the motivation to go on anymore. But either way I am still going on just to see if anything good updated 8P

Anyways...I was is Edmonton for a while (2weeks) this month. It was so quiet there and when I mean quiet, you could almost hear a pin drop...but I think it was like that because my dad lived in the FAR north from Edmonton. Near the farm land >.> Dad likes peace and quiet. At least I got some good night sleep xD Love going to my dads because I always get things that I really want but never ask for it. Got DS and "The world ends with you" game ♥ -cough- Hehehe.....of course that's not the only reason I go to see him, I haven't seen him for 2 years, of course I've missed him dearly. ♥

Got back a week before the anime convention, I still needed to do some finishing touches on my cosplays. My Rhode cosplay was a bust...I didn't get a wig for her but I still wore her outfit anyways xD But next year I will be cosplaying her again with a wig >w< Also I will be cosplaying Niou from Prince of Tennis, thats what I have in mind so far. Going to have a Rikkai group at the con, I hope it turns out okay >.<;;

Speaking of the con, I will be posting up pictures tomorrow or later, when I have the chance. I didn't take a lot this year because I forgot my camera for the first two days. Most of the pictures I took was Prince of Tennis xD

Yay~ First post in a while 8] I will be back tomorrow!....I think >_______>;;
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Tami or Eijiko
07 July 2008 @ 08:05 pm
About last week, I was at ikkyuunyuukon  's house. So we were going up her stairs and then all of a sudden we hear "FIRE!"...we stopped and burst out laughing. Jackle popped up in my mind once I heard that. xP We both thought it was from a bird but either way it was damn funny! 8D

Okay, now it's meme time o(^w^)o

Snagged from hotarumyst .

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Tami or Eijiko
27 June 2008 @ 09:10 am
For some reason, I am not getting replying comment emails.....and it's making me worried...what if I get some kind of important email that I need to see but I can't T____________T

Does anyone know what's wrong?? >________________<;; 
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Tami or Eijiko
24 June 2008 @ 02:41 pm

Today I just finished my last provincial, the science provincial. I think I did pretty well on it ^^ Thanks to

ikkyuunyuukon for helping me get prepared and ready ♥♥

Now I hope I got a high mark ^~^. Also I checked what I am at for science, I am at a C+ right now....but.....I'M SO CLOSE TO A B! 2% away! TT_____________________TT;;

To think that I will never go back to that school until september, I have to go back on Thrusday if I want my yearbook and last report card. >w<;;

OMFG! I finished watching "Euro Trip" with ikkyuunyuukon . Apparently lady_hiwatari requested her to watch it. 8P 
There were a lot of.....nude people....which was why it was unrated...o__O But anyways....it was really funny 8DD
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Tami or Eijiko
22 June 2008 @ 07:52 pm
Okay, If you haven't seen this yet....WATCH NOW!
....If Code Geass fan of course xD....or just bored and needed something to laugh at.

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Tami or Eijiko
22 June 2008 @ 02:02 pm
I am so not prepared!!!
Tomorrow I have a math provincial and I am not prepared! I have calculated that I have to get 48 out of 60 questions right to get my C- in math to a B. Or at least pass >______________>;;

In the math mock I only have gotten 22/60 right....T_____________T;; So I did some corrections last night...got 36/60....NOT ENOUGH!

Does anyone know any GOOD math help sites?
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Tami or Eijiko
19 June 2008 @ 12:17 pm
Okay, I think I got my whole summer planed.

I just got a call from my dad and he told me that I'm heading over to Edmonton on August 2nd to the 16th. Luckily I told him about Anime Evolution or I would have skipped it >______>;; Which is not really a fun thing to do since I already paid for it and I have already have LOTS of people wanting to see me there xP;; Well not that many x3

So in July, I need to start sewing my Rhode cosplay and my Gakuto outfit.....I still need to find a good fabric for his shirt or at least find one online D< The problem is.....I need money...I have been looking for work for a while now but nothing from anyone TT____________TT" Lets see if I can get some from my mommy and daddy ♥ ^^

Once I get back from Edmonton I have a week to prepare for AE! Wii~

Oh wait..I will be celebrating my brithday in Edmonton to then (August 7th xP)..I kind of want to celebrate my 16th birthday with my friends though T__T Well my dad hasn't seen me for a while so I think he deserves to celebrate it with me ♥ Once I get back I will have lots of fun with my friends 83

Okay, I have this song suck in my head for the longest time! Well two days xDD

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Tami or Eijiko
13 June 2008 @ 10:05 pm

OMG! I just finished watching "Kung Fu Panda"
It was soooo intense!

ikkyuunyuukon downloaded it. shhhhhh xD;;


I don't want to give out any spoilers but WTF!
There was this finger move and the guy did the finger move and something happened to the other guy and in the end, they didn't even say anything of what happened to the other guy. NOTHING! Which is why my post title is that...and I will say it again....


Just to let you know, this is the second time I did this post and it was long! Long that you don't want to redo...
Something happened and my post was gone TT___________TT;;

Back to the movie...I bet they are going to make a second one, I know it! They can't just leave like that, if they do.....that's just mean...>__________________>;;

Well if anyone else have seen it, lets talk! I need someone to spazz talk with ^w^
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Tami or Eijiko
24 May 2008 @ 12:54 am
Thanks to ellenor_san , I saw an AWESOME video! It was so cool!

It's frecking Super Mario with Japanese music~ xD Don't get what I mean? Then watch the video and find out xP

If you look at the description in these videos, it will have a list of what songs were used.
Part 1
Part 2

I was so amazed on what songs were in it.
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